Mr. Sangmoon Cho  –  Director,  Domestic Sales Dept.

  I’m in charge of domestic sales dept. at AJW. We have customers like KT, SKT, LGU+ and major service operators.  We provide OSP equipment, enclosures and other accessories. When I just started my career at AJW 23 years ago, AJW handled only industrial hygiene products. I watched how AJW has grown as a leader in telecom OSP industry today even after going through Korean economic difficulties. When we prepared expanding our business capabilities in 2002, I led the sales team and successfully achieved the goal. I felt more than accomplished. Of course, there have been ups and downs. The accomplishments and camaraderie fueled to keep me going till now. 

Also, the work environment of AJW is another driver that made my 23-year career in one company. Our CEO carefully listens how employees see this challenging OSP market and helps to be a real “salesperson”.  AJW provides the environment where employees of all positions can communicate freely. It won’t be hard to figure out why AJW has so many long term employees besides me. I would like to see my team members and all other staffs grow together even bigger and stronger with AJW. ” 

Mr. Jaewoong Yang  –  Director,  Procurement and Logistics

  P&L team manages to supply all the required components and the products sold by AJW.  

AJW has lots of young employees who just launched their careers. I’m aware of the first years of work will be challenging to them. I’ve also been through small and big tides for 20 years with AJW. And, my view to see the company and the society has changed. I’m sure those young colleagues will be surprised soon to see themselves well-experienced senior members. 

AJW provides employee benefits of oversees workshop every two years. I still remember the first workshop that I participated. Also, I remember when the company built its own headquarter up and moved to the new office.  AJW started its business as a small telecom supplier and grew gradually big with employees. I believe companionship is a key value to carry for the future. ”